12.30 - 13.15

Sheldon Robins has worked with Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Will Smith and Mariah Carey. Incorporating elements of Hip Hop and House, you'll learn choreography from its roots.

Sheldon Robins is an award winning producer, writer and director, he has an extensive worldwide entertainment experience spanning twenty-two years. A trusted leader in the Upper Lav family with over 25 years with profound entertainment experience in stage, film and television, Robins is a film director, screenwriter, and producer. His films have been characterized by uplifting story lines controversial subject matter, and a glorification of life triumphs. Robins has been dubbed a "writers storyteller"; his stylistic use of multiple ethnicity's's, music infusion, dance and astute themes morph a variety of opposing cultures. His films depict a unified principle within the individual and his relation to society. A Vittorio De Sica enthusiast Robins has embodied his visionary techniques materializing his own signature on film. Robins grew up an avid film fan and started his quest in entertainment as a professional dancer. His professional entertainment career began in the mid 1990s, when he landed a lead role in the television show "Reebok City Jam" he would later move on to model and act in commercials and television. He then transitioned into writing where he co-wrote "Jump Out Boys" starring DMX and Academy Award winning Kris Kristofferson. He would later co-write "Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent." After his experience on these films he followed up his passion of storytelling by writing, producing, co-directing Murder 101 starring Tom Sizemore and Dante Basco. As the head of the creative team he leads the television licensing teams in creating content for augmented reality, social media platforms as well as emerging digital arenas. His latest creation Follow Me is a docu-series following the development of teen influencer's with an enormous fan base that equate to over 30 million people cumulatively.


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