Taking Care of You, Healthy Body & Mind for Performers

Changing temperatures can be tough for performers. The cold air puts pressure on the body increasing the risk of injury for dancers. Singers struggle to keep viruses and strain from the vocal chords and all performers need to ensure they get enough rest to be at their best.


Getting enough rest is the foundation for a healthy body and mind. By sleep, we mean proper ZZZs. Did you know there are stages of sleep?

STAGE 1: A light, sleep that doesn’t last very long. You may relax and dream, but also twitch as you transition into stage 2.

STAGE 2: Breathing and heart rate slows and muscles relax. Body temperature lowers and brain waves are less active.

STAGE 3: You enter deep sleep, and stage 4 is the deepest. Breathing, heart rate, body temperature, and brain waves reach their lowest levels. Muscles are extremely relaxed and you’re difficult to rouse.

STAGE 4: This is known as the healing stage, when tissue growth and repair take place, important hormones are released to do their jobs, and cellular energy is restored.


  • Reduces Risk of Disease

  • Prevents Accidents

  • Better Memory & Concentration

  • Reduces Anxiety & Depression.

  • Improves Immune System

  • Controls Weight

  • Increased Energy

  • Healthier Heart


Did you know if you are feeling thirsty that could be a sign that you're dehydrated. To avoid dehydration you should be drinking throughout the day. Water is best. Try to avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea. Sports drinks also contain caffeine along with a high sugar content. If you struggle drinking water, try sparkling water or add a small amount of juice/cordial to flavour it slightly. Whatever works for you. The benefits are well worth it.

If you use your voice for acting or singing hydration will keep the vocal chords lubricated reducing the risk of damage or a build up of mucus. For dancers water keeps muscles supple to prevent injury. Of course water provides the energy needed to get through a class!


  • Regulates Weight

  • Re-energises

  • Improves Circulation

  • Improved Concentration

  • Better Skin

  • Flushes Out Toxins

  • Healthy Hair

  • Lubricated Vocal Chords & Joints

Eat Well

If you are seriously considering a career in the performing arts you may want to rethink your eating habits. Long days, late nights and often little access to a kitchen mean you have to to pre-prep food and enjoy fruit, vegetables and nuts. These will give you the nutrients and energy needed to get through rehearsals and performances. Want to know what other celebrities eat?


11 Litres of Water! Loves Steak, Chicken & Bison.

Daily 75min workouts.

Arianna Grande

Vegan. Blueberries, strawberries, brown rice, mangoes.

Plant-based food.

Taylor Swift

Yogurt, salads, sandwiches. Avoids sugary drinks. Treats herself at the weekends.