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The Brain Grooves Programme fuses 3 areas- Dance, Brain Activation and Wellness .It draws on exercises from Brain Gym , Physical Literacy Programmes and Dance Basics to activate both hemispheres of the brain, speed up processing and problem solving, develop creativity, get the whole body moving and foster a sense of self-confidence in the student. It is beneficial and can be modified for students of all ages, young and grown -up and students with additional needs, physical, cognitive or emotional. Its FYI - Fun, keeps your Brain and Body Young, and Inclusive for everyone!

Zoe has been teaching in schools and after school clubs for 20 years and through study and practice noticed the power dance has to be a vehicle for the personal development of the students she was teaching. This led her on a quest to study all things dance, brain and self-development to create a programme and lessons that holistically teach and inspire the whole student, Body, Mind, Soul. She opened FYI Dance Club in Wicklow Town in 2005 to serve the lovely students of her home town, Wicklow, a range of classes in Streetdance and Modern Contemporary. As the school grew, she continued to explore various methods of using dance as a vehicle to foster confidence and self belief, encompassing on the phrase her own dance teacher told her: “We’re not training dancers, we’re teaching Human beings”. Zoe also received many positions teaching dance in mainstream and special needs classes and has continued to study and develop the Brain Grooves programme to stimulate the minds and bodies of all students she comes in contact with. Her new venture “Brain Grooves Online” launched in 2021 and all information on her school and on Brain Grooves can be found at