Frequently asked questions

What Are The Start & Finish Times?

Schools Day Friday 26th February (Primary & Secondary Schools only) 9.30am - 3.00pm Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th February 10.00am - 6.00-pm

Who Can Take Part?

EVERYONE! PERFORM is open to everyone from beginners to professionals. All ages, all levels. Want to try something new? Our 45 min workshops are perfect tasters. If you already have experience try a masterclass or an intermediate/advanced class. Jump onto the competition stage and win some prizes. We have something for everyone from the novice to the professional and all ages.

What If You Don't Want to do Workshops

There's plenty for everyone! Watch performances on the Main Stage, Rock Stage and The Competition Stage. Meet headliners have fun in some of the attractions or simply shop!

Food & Drink

There is a selection of food suppliers to choose from with something to suit all diets. From salads to chips you will find everything you need. You are welcome to bring your own food - alcohol is not permitted.

Workshop Information

If you are unable to find your class please ask one of our staff, they are wearing black PERFORM tee with 'CREW' on the back. Please arrive 10-15 mins before your workshop or master class. All classes run to a tight schedule. Physical workshops will have short warm ups, it is advised that you warm up / stretch beforehand.

Are There Changing Rooms?

No, there are no general changing rooms (except for Performers). If you are taking part in workshops we suggest you come suitably dressed for the day.

Is There Somewhere to Store Bags and Coats?

Yes, there are cloak room facilities on site for €2. There is a room backstage to store instruments - unfortunately we cannot guarantee constatent supervision of this room so instruments are left at the owners risk - if preferred they can book instruments into the cloak room for safety.

I'm Watching My Child Performing, Do I Need a Ticket?

Yes, everyone entering the event must have a ticket. If you are watching a performing group you should consider getting a group of the rest of the parents together to avail of our group discount tickets.

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