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ALM Irish Tour Form

If you're interested in booking your group for an Abby Lee workshop please complete the form below. This is for groups only, slots will be open to individuals if there is space. We have suitable venues secured in each location. Each class session is 1.5 hours details below:


ALDC Audition Class + Q&A

During the hour-long dance lesson, Abby will give dance technique instruction. You will be put through your paces as if you were a member of the ALDC dance team. After the class, there will be a Q&A for 30 mins.

Book an Exclusive Class

  • Full class-exclusive - min 100 in the group - £32 / €35 pp

  • Individual Meet & Greets - £12 / €15 pp

  • Class + Meet & Greet - £40 / €45 pp

Exclusive classes have the option of choosing a different class, i.e. Acro with Abby, Legs and Feet etc.

Combined Group Class

  • A class combined with other groups - min 30 in the group - £35 / €40 pp

  • Individual Meet & Greets are £15 / €18 pp.​

  • Class + Meet & Greet - £45 / €50

Spectators (limited number and not available in all venues): £15 / €18 pp

If you have less than the minimum number, you will be charged for the minimum number.

Abby Lee Irish Tour

Thanks for submitting!

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